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how to help

To make the premiere really successfull and festive, we try to build a huge network. That’s why we publish about your premiere on our website and on Facebook. You can help to get a ‘snowball effect’ by following these suggestions:







Forward the Facebook invitation







You can also help us to translate the website and the subtitles of the movie in your own language! Just translate one sentence now, it would already help a lot: this is a collaborative work!




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Check you already « like » Miss Homeless’Facebook page.





Put the trailer of the movie on your website














Actually it’s easy, just let the news about the premiere spread like a virus.

We are sending different press releases until October 19th.

 Mention on your invitations and promotion material

Invite your friends to ‘like’ Miss Homeless too (very efficient!).

Ask everybody to confirm they come on the Facebook event

Send personal messages to other people and organizations that may be interested. Abroad as well.

Let us know about your activities

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